June 11 th (Virtual) LUG Jam

We will be holding our next virtual LUG Jam on Zoom. The Jam will be held at 5:00 PM on June 11th,2020. We will be posting information about the Zoom meeting on our Facebook site. For those without access to Facebook please send a note to LanarkUkuleleGroup@Hotmail.Com and we will sen you the details. YouContinue reading “June 11 th (Virtual) LUG Jam”

May 28th Virtual LUG Jam

We are back up and running. On May 28th we are holding our next jam vitually via Zoom. You can get the information about the Zoom conference on the LUG Facebook page. If you do not have access to the page please request the details by writing LanarkUkuleleGroup@Hotmail.com. We will be running the jam Thursday,Continue reading “May 28th Virtual LUG Jam”

2019 December Ukulele Jam Set List

Here are all the chords and lyrics to our December 15th Ukulele Jam at the Smith and Barrel Pub. We hope to see you there! A reminder we start at 4:00 PM. All ages and abilities are welcome. Here is a link to an OnSong Archive of the set for those with an iPad andContinue reading “2019 December Ukulele Jam Set List”