Manitoba Hal Photos

Manitoba Hal came to visit us!!

Thank you so much for a terrific Blues Ukulele workshop.  We had a blast!  


3 thoughts on “Manitoba Hal Photos

  1. Hello there: I purchased my first Ukulele just before Christmas, and would like to join your group. I live in Perth. How do I register with you, and when will you be meeting next?

    Many thanks,
    Dan Woods


  2. I have just found your website and songs…….B E A U T I F U L and what a wonderful job you have made of them. I have just tried to download you song books: 1, 2, and three, but keep getting error messages that server cannot be found.

    Would the books be available in hard copy, and at what cost. I would love to get them


    Gary Barbero
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


    1. Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry I am not sure what has happened to the Salem song books. They were maintained by another group and so I am not sure if they are still available. I have removed the links to reduce confusion in the future.


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