2019 December Ukulele Jam Set List

Here are all the chords and lyrics to our December 15th Ukulele Jam at the Smith and Barrel Pub. We hope to see you there! A reminder we start at 4:00 PM. All ages and abilities are welcome. Here is a link to an OnSong Archive of the set for those with an iPad andContinue reading “2019 December Ukulele Jam Set List”

2019 Septemeber 29th Jam Set List

Here is the set for the September 2019 Jam. As usual we will be projecting the lyrics and chords for everyone to see. For those with Onsong, you can follow this link to transfer the set to your library. We have the entire set of chords and lyrics as a PDF Document for the 2019 September jamContinue reading “2019 Septemeber 29th Jam Set List”

Our Next Jam is September 29th!

Our next jam will take place on Sunday, September 29th at 4:00 PM. The jam will take place at the second floor of the Smyth and Barrel Pub in Carleton Place, Ontario. We will be projecting the chords and lyrics for everyone to follow along. We will be posting copies of these soon. The jamContinue reading “Our Next Jam is September 29th!”