Isn’t It Nifty, We Have Reached 50

There are some big milestones with this upcoming Jam. This is our 50th jam via Zoom. We have performed over 774 songs together via Zoom (with over 450 different tunes). We are also marking the 10th anniversary of our first Jam in 2012 at Chuckles Jack in Smiths Falls. The jam was led by GarryContinue reading “Isn’t It Nifty, We Have Reached 50”

April 11th LUG Jam

SET LIST FOR THE JAM Most people find they get the most out of the jam if they practise the music in advance. We make the set available in three different formats so that mot people can use their favourite software to view the songs. The most accessible format is a PDF file. The entireContinue reading “April 11th LUG Jam”