LUG Winter Season

It is that time of year again when the less hearty Luggers head off to warmer climates. For those of you interested in still getting together, LUG member Dan is interested in organizing some informal gatherings. He is gathering email addresses of those who may want to join him. We will also post meeting information here. If your interested please comment here and we will get you in touch with Dan.

Until the trees are back in bud, Bridget and I will say Aloha…..

2 thoughts on “LUG Winter Season

  1. Hello Garry: Thanks for the above. I reckon there’ll a handful of people interested in a practice here in the north now and then. Here’s my EMail and tele number for you post whenever you have time. I’ll EMail individuals directly when I’ve decided on a date, and I’ll let you know on time so you can post it here as well.

    EMail: dlwoodsy@gmail.com Tele: 613-267-2711

    I’ve enjoyed our monthly sessions.. and look forward to spring.
    Travel safe!!


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