Luau Song List


Here are the 30 songs we will be singing at the Luau on Oct 26th, 2014.

There will be hard copies of all the songs, not in the Daily Ukulele Book, at the Luau.

If you want to practice the “non-Daily Ukulele Book songs”, PDF’s are attached.

We also found some YouTube links so you can listen to songs you are not familiar with.

REMEMBER – This jam is at Bridget and Garry’s house, Not Chuckles Jack.  If you need directions call us at 613-285-4700

This should be a terrific night!

Aloha,  Garry and Bridget

List of Songs

From the Daily Ukulele Book

1.  Aloha’Oe – p. 21
2.  Blue Hawaii – p. 37
3.  By the Beautiful Sea – p. 42
4.  By the light of the Silvery Moon – p. 43
5.  Can’t Help but Smile – p. 50
6.  Enjoy Yourself – p. 76
7.  Lovely Hula Hands – p. 156   youtube –
8.  On the Beach at Waikiki – p. 184   youtube –
9.  Pearly Shells – p. 186
10. Princess Poo-poo-ly – p. 190
11. That Hawaiian Melody – p. 228
12. Tiny Bubbles – p. 241
13. Under the Boardwalk – p. 245
14. Mele Kalikimaka – p. 307

In the Purple LUG Binders

1.  Honolulu Baby –  PDF –_Honolulu Baby_ by Laurel and Hardy    YouTube –
2.  Hukilau Song  – PDF –  The Hukilau Song   Youtube –
3.  Kookie Little Paradise  PDF –  A Kookie Little Paradise
5.  Margaritaville   PDF –  Margaritaville
7.  Moonlight Swim   PDF –  Moonlight Swim
11. Whale of a Tale   PDF —  A Whale of a Tale
12. When you’re Smiling   PDF –  When You’re Smiling

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We are a group of Ukulele players who enjoy getting together to play and sing. We focus on fun and enjoyment. Great for beginners and experienced players - all skill levels are welcome.

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