Here’s an idea

At one time or another we have all experienced it…you look at the chord diagrams  before the song starts, notice there’s a new chord or 2, practice them a few times and feel you’re ready. But then the song starts scrolling and the diagrams disappear!

Or you have one of those handy-dandy Chord Charts but it’s hard to find the chord you need when you’re busy singing and playing…

How about trying this? Make yourself a personal set of chord cards.

Get yourself a set of index cards. Before each ukulele jam take a look at all the chords you’ll be playing for that set. Use 1 card for each new chord you don’t know and write the chord name and copy  the chord diagram (a good exercise in itself) . Arrange your cards alphabetically.

Then at the jam, for each new song, pull out any new chord cards you need (if you have been playing for a while there may be only 1 or 2 new chords per song.) The you’ll have them on the table in front of you to quickly glance at as you play the song. Keeping the cards in the pocket of your case means you’ll always be ready to strum that tune!  

It’s worth a try!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday at Chesswood Restaurant!


Published by Ukulele Administrator

We are a group of Ukulele players who enjoy getting together to play and sing. We focus on fun and enjoyment. Great for beginners and experienced players - all skill levels are welcome.

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