May Set List

0001 – Dust in the Wind

0002 – A Hard Day_s Night

0003 – Your Mama Don_t Dance

0004 – Moondance

0005 – Me and Bobby McGee

0006 – All My Life’s a Circle

0007 – Bad Moon Rising

0008 – Helpless

0009 – Heart of Gold

0010 – Silver Threads and Golden Needles

0011 – Back in the Saddle Again

0012 – Did I Shave My Legs For This

_0013 – Brown Eyed Girl

0014 – Bye Bye Love

0015 – Fogarty’s Cove

0016 – I Fall To Pieces

0017 – Grandma’s Feather Bed

0018 – Walking After Midnight

0019 – End Of The Line

0020 – Eight Days a Week

0021 – Don’t Worry- Be Happy


Published by Ukulele Administrator

We are a group of Ukulele players who enjoy getting together to play and sing. We focus on fun and enjoyment. Great for beginners and experienced players - all skill levels are welcome.

5 thoughts on “May Set List

      1. Thank u. Just to be sure . We eat at 4:00 nd play music at 5:30. ? Is the jam always the 4th Sunday of the month ?


      2. Hi
        We start playing at 4. People can get a snack and get a drink during the Jam. We should be finished the Jam around 5:30. Anyone who wishes can stay for dinner. The Chesswood restaurant has a great menu and it is a way of thanking them for making the space available.

        We don’t have a set schedule for our Jams but it usually works out to about every 6 weeks.

        Hope to see you at the next Jam on Sunday, May 28th at 4PM.


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