Trouble Getting the OnSong Link?

Touching the link should take you to Dropbox with the songs on the left.

Tap on a song and then you should see 3 little dots in the upper right corner.

Touch those dots, then hit Export , then select the OnSong Logo (it says “copy to OnSong)  and then you will be asked to OK the Import.

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Trouble Getting the OnSong Link?

  1. Nov 4 sunny and dry pavement….. looks like i will venture out from kemptville. Smith & barrel at the Grand Hotel? Ive got 7 bridge st, upstairs at 4pm.
    Any parking restrictions or suggestions?
    Looking forward to meeting you all.


    1. Hi Jane there is lots of parking available as there is a lot right beside the restaurant We had posted additional instructions on the site for people having trouble getting the link and it has worked for some Good luck and hope to see you!


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