March 15th (Virtual) LUG Jam

We will be holding our next jam on Monday, March 15th, 2021 at 7:00 PM.

We look forward to someday being able to hold our jams in person but as per the new normal we will be holding the Jam virtually utilizing Zoom. We usually start the Zoom session around 6:45 for a chat and catchup followed by the jam at 7:00 PM.

A couple of things to things to keep in mind about using Zoom:

  • We encorage you to download the Zoom client before the Jam and test your system in advance.
  • In order to experience the best sound it is advisable to use headphones or add external speakers to your system. ( Many people find the volume too low from their system’s built in speakers). Headphones are preferable because they reduce the risk of echo and feedback.
  • When we are running through one of the songs of the set we will be muting everyone with the exception of the person leading the song. This unfortunately is the only way to ensure everyone can experience the music properly through the Zoom system. We ask that you help by muting your system during a song should you notice that you are not muted.
  • Between songs if you would like to speak or clap please feel free to unmute your system. Please make sure your system remains muted however if you are playing your ukulele or talking to your pet. This ensures that others will not be interupted.
  • We will be sharing the chords and lyrics during the zoom session. You can resize and reposition the window if you find it is difficult to view on your system.
  • The details for the Zoom session (meeting ID and password) can be found in the event information on our Facebook site. If you don’t have access to Facebook, let us know and we can send them out to you in advance of the jam. Please just email

While we will be sharing the chords for those that would like to practise the music in advance you can download a PDF of the entire set from here:

For those with an iOS device and OnSong you can download an archive of the set from here: OnSong Archive


Sweet DreamsRoy OrbisonC
Things We Said TodayPaul McCartney and John LennonDm
The Sound Of SilencePaul SimonG
Pretty Good GuyFred EaglesmithG
I Ain’t Ever SatisfiedSteve EarleC
All of MeRecorded by Willie NelsonG
Black Velvet BandThe DublinersC
If You’re Irish, Come Into the Parlourby Ruby MurrayC
Wild Mountain ThymeTraditionalC
Galway GirlSteve EarleC
Galway BayDr. Arthur ColahanC
Wild RoverTraditionalC
Whiskey in the JarPatrick FlemingG
When Irish Eyes Are SmilingChauncey Olcott, George Graff Jr. and Ernest BallA
I’ll Tell Me MaAngelo KellyC
Donald, Where’s Your TroosersAndrew StewartEm

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We are a group of Ukulele players who enjoy getting together to play and sing. We focus on fun and enjoyment. Great for beginners and experienced players - all skill levels are welcome.

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