2021 June 7th Jam

Please join us at our upcoming (virtual) LUG Jam. We will be holding the jam on June 7th at 7:00 PM via Zoom. Zoom conference details can be found on the LUG Facebook site. You can also contact us via email for the details at LanarkUkuleleGroup@Hotmail.com.

For those that would like to practise the set in advance of the jam, you can find a PDF copy of the chords and lyrics here:

For those with an iOS device and OnSong, you can get a copy of the archive here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k2h3qsjn4md4d1/2021%20June%207%20set%20list.archive?dl=0


Can You Canoe?The Okee Dokee BrothersA
If Not For YouBob DylanC
Cool an’ Green an’ ShadyJohn DenverA
The Ottawa WaltzAlliston Roberts, Recorded by Lyle DillaboughC
WordsBarry, Robin and Maurice GibbA
Fort Worth BluesSteve EarlC
Back in Baby’s Armsby Bob Montgomery and Recorded by Patsy ClineA
Down the LineFred EaglesmithA
O Mary Don’t You WeepTraditionalDm
LucilleWritten by Roger Bowling and Hal Bynum, Recorded by Kenny RogersG
Since I Don’t Have YouJackie Taylor, James Beaumont, Janet Vogel, Joseph Rock, Joe Verscharen, Lennie Martin, and Wally LesterA
Five Days in May Blue RodeoAm
Heart of GoldNeil YoungAm
It Doesn’t Matter AnymorePaul Anka (ARB: Buddy Holly 1958)C
The Last Saskatchewan PirateThe Arrogant WormsC

Published by Ukulele Administrator

We are a group of Ukulele players who enjoy getting together to play and sing. We focus on fun and enjoyment. Great for beginners and experienced players - all skill levels are welcome.

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